Personal Security Officer (PSO) Services Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and NCR : Backed You to Stay Protective

“Bodyguard” has become a famous term in the “Hollywood & Bollywood” but they are actually Personal Security Officers who are active, physical fit, extremely astute, well educated and trained to mitigate potential threats, regardless the type. 

Juan Securities has achieved a world-class reputation in providing professional Personal Security Officers in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and NCR. Our PSO in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and NCR offers reliable executive celebrity and VIP protection… 

Hire for just a few hours, days or long term basis, rapid bodyguard appointment services are offered because we understand how important your personal security is.

Rapid Deployment of PSOs for VIP Protection, 24×7 hrs

Juan Securities’s PSOs have got special training to provide reliable protection to all kinds of people in the spotlight:

  • Celebrities- Film Stars & Known Persons
  • Athletes
  • News Correspondents
  • Officers
  • Diplomats
  • To All Who Need High-End Security


Juan Securities promises to offer much more than celebrity bodyguard services. We strongly believe that the top quality security is based on advance preparation & planning, alertness, on time action & ready to keep you safe with all possible adverse situations. It is why our clients use “Friendly but Not Familiar” phrase to describe our diligent PSOs. We take care of the style and specific needs of the persons whom we are protecting…

Protection of Diplomats & Politicians 
Our personal security officer Delhi has been deployed for the security of politicians and diplomats. They have obtained all the necessary skills required to give the best imaginable protection against both international and national threats…

Protection for Celebs 
Are you a film star, writer, director, athletic or renowned person? VIP protection for any reason is provided to make you feel safe. Our PSOs are well accustomed to situations related to media and crowds. 

Family Protection 
If security threats have arisen for your family, hire us. Our bodyguards are trained to give high-quality family protection at home and while traveling. They are trained enough to act discretely.

Protection during Transport 
From hotel to airport or airport to hotel, we are ready to appoint personal guard during transports at affordable prices.